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Straight 8 is an amazing (but insane) competition that's been running for almost 20 years. The concept : film a 2.5 minute on a Super 8 without the ability to edit, send it off in a secure envelope and then send the sound a week after. You have no idea what's on the film and the first time you see it is at Cannes festival... yep, insane.

And since And Rising is equally as insane, we decided to give it a go - an ad agency up against production companies from all around the world.

Together with co-director Louis Jopling and producer Lewis O'Brien, we created 'In Transit': a film inspired by The Susanna, a weekend retreat for crossdressers and transexuals in the 60s when it was still illegal in the US. We ended up picking up bronze, which was surprising as the 21 other films were absolutely amazing! We donated the money to charity Stonewall as there are still 72 countries with laws against the LGBTIQ+ community..




Well, the biggest high five was probably a bronze.